Healthy Relationships

  • Building a healthy relationship with someone means building a trusting and positive partnership.
  • This type of relationship may take effort and time but it can improve your life and make you feel better about yourself.
  • Healthy relationships are based on kindness and caring for one another.

You have the right to be treated with respect in your relationship with your partner.

  • Not all relationship are built on love and not all relationships are healthy.
  • Healthy relationships never involve physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.
  • Having a partner that is scares you or tries to control you is a sign of an abusive relationship.
  • Everyone has the right to live free from abuse and has the right to legal protection.

If you feel that you are in an unhealthy relationship there are some resources that can help you.

In Touch is an organisation that supports women from migrant and refugee backgrounds experiencing abusive or unhealthy relationships.

If you are experiencing family violence either emotional, physical, verbal, sexual, financial or social you can get help.

In Touch provide free confidential advice and help in your own language. They have helped many women in your situation. They will make sure that you and your children are safe.

For a free and confidential service you can contact us:

Phone: 03 9413 6500

Toll free: 1800 755 98


Relationships Australia (

1800 RESPECT (

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