Private Health Insurance

What is private health insurance?

  • Many Australians also have private health insurance.
  • If you move to Australia to study or to work, you may have to buy this before you arrive to be let in the country.
  • Private health insurance may cover all or at least some of the costs of treatment as a private patient in private or public hospitals. You can pay fees monthly or yearly.
  • It can also include some services that Medicare does not cover, such as most dental care, most optical care and ambulance transport in some states and territories.
  • The costs and types of insurance cover can be very different.
  • If you decide to get private health insurance, it is important to compare different insurance funds and check the details carefully before you buy the policy.
  • If you are an asylum seeker, but don’t qualify for Medicare, you may be covered under IHMS insurance. Please see your caseworker for more information or visit the Victorian Refugee Health Network for more.


You can compare Private Health Insurance options here: